Victims of vile, cruel exploitation must be heard - Melb March demo against the corrupt Mental Health Royal Commission

Meeting on the Steps of Parliament at 11am and moving to the Victorian State Library within an hour, around 12 pm (or before, depending on how Parliament security feel about our peaceful protest there), State Library stay from around 12pm until 1pm.

Let the public know who we are: Victims of Psychiatrists & allies, Victims of the vile, cruel government legislated exploitation at that is the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 and those who support us to be heard over and above psychiatrists and their perpetrating coterie.

Demand that those with vested interests in forced and coerced Mental Health treatments are removed from the Victorian Royal Commission into the Mental Health system.

Demand that Victims of bloody psychiatrists' violations are heard!

Let the public know what we want: For the psychiatrists' bloody violations to be exposed, so there will be no more forced psychiatry! We cannot have perpetrators silencing us, and speaking for us.

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Starts on
Tuesday, 5 March 2019 at 11:00 AM AEDT
Parliament House
149 Spring Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3002
Steps & move to Victorian State Library street front
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149 Spring Street Melbourne Victoria 3002 149 Spring Street Melbourne Victoria 3002