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To: Australian Council of Educational Research

ACER-GAMSAT must update their COVID and Extenuating Circumstances Policy

The COVID Pandemic has been here since March 2020, update your policies so that all GAMSAT candidates will be able to sit their exams remotely or at a back-up testing slot.
Not only this, countless participants experienced crisis with the floods in Australia. ACER's extenuating circumstances policy needs to be better.

Why is this important?

Entry into Med School is a year-long process, starting with the GAMSAT.

The COVID Pandemic has been ever-present since March 2020, yet in two years, ACER has not made adequate accomodations to address this issue.

Countless Australians also had to deal with additional ongoing crises in the weeks surrounding GAMSAT as Australia experienced record breaking flooding on the East coast.

Remote Proctoring has been offered in an incredibly limited capacity, with numerous candidates being informed that their only option is to defer their GAMSAT sitting. As such, countless candidates are being forced to delay their applications for Medical schools for a year.

ACER, this is an inadequate response to the COVID Pandemic and also highlights the flaws in your extenuating circumstances policy.

Your inability to provide adequate numbers of remote proctors or provide a back-up testing slot for candidates is a failure to the medical industry.



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