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To: The Victorian Government

Ban Nazi Symbols

The Victorian Government needs to ban Nazi symbols in Victoria. This would signify that the Government supports the condemnation of white supremacy.

Why is this important?

Nazism is based on the idealogy of white supremacy and endorses the ethnic cleansing of non-'Aryan' people a.k.a people who are not white Christians.

Nazism is disgusting and dangerous, which is why the Government should do everything in their power to prevent the mimicking of symbols and slogans like the Swastika. In March 2021, a Victorian parliamentary inquiry recommended strengthening the laws against hate symbols.

Currently in Germany, Nazi symbols are banned which is an appropriate response to the horrific history of the Holocaust and Nazi rule in the 1930s and 40s. Australia should follow Germany's lead and ban Nazi symbols, especially the Nazi swastika, as these symbols promote the horrendous acts carried out by white supremacists.

Please sign this petition to encourage the government to ban Nazi symbols.

Victoria, Australia

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