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Bachelor of Nursing degree reform

Investigate: Failings of the University of Tasmania to provide adequate support and learning opportunities to enable students to progress through their degrees with fair results; inconsistency in marking assessment items; and poor communication and timely responses to enquiries.

Investigate the failure to transition to an online learning model, with few intensive face-to-face sessions that are student-led and inadequate as a learning experience.

Why is this important?

An astonishing number of students are experiencing difficulties that are often leading to repeating units and extending the period of time to complete this degree.

The University has consistently failed to address concerns raised by students, promising changes that do not occur.

Many students are having to apply for review of marks with astonishing results.

The purpose of this petition is to advocate for our student body, collectively gather our concerns and to advocate for an investigation into this University that is failing to provide us with a meaningful education that prepares us to transition into the workforce as Registered Nurses.
Bachelor of Nursing students studying through UTAS are reporting feeling unprepared to venture into practical placement with a lack of exposure and teaching of common procedures.
There is concern that the impact of this not only effects us as future RN’s but also poses a risk to patient safety.

Hobart TAS, Australia

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