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To: Minister Mark Bailey - Minister for Transport & Main Roads

Bonogin & Mudgeeraba Bus Route

Bonogin & Mudgeeraba is home to nearly 20,000 residents who have limited or no access to public transport, making it difficult for teenagers and the elderly to access shopping and sporting activities and pursue greater independence.
An extension to the existing bus service operating in and around Robina, Mudgeeraba & Reedy Creek to the Robina Town Centre (interchange) will greatly assist the community and provide people with transport options for moving around the Gold Coast.

Why is this important?

Bonogin and Mudgeeraba residents that do not drive find it difficult to socialise without relying on others to provide transport options. An extension of the existing bus service to the area will provide a means for residents to commute to Robina and other areas using the established bus/ train network.
Socialising with peers improves mental health, reducing stress and anxiety and provides options for families without transport a greater quality of life, which are now further exacerbated by cost of living pressures.
A bus service to Bonogin/ Mudgeeraba will also provide improved access to sporting, shopping and recreation amenities; and assist in providing access for teenagers to gain part time/ casual employment opportunities without sole reliance on others to meet transport needs.
In February 2022 we received 456 signatures on our first petition. Our petition was submitted to the Minister for Main Roads and Transport on the 4.3.22. Mark Bailey did not consider this issue worthy of his time and delegated this to the General Manager of Transport Integration. A response was received on the 22.3.22, that failed to understand the basis of our request. It was suggested in the response that Bonogin is inadequate to support a stand alone service. The response failed to take into account the bus service requested was for an 'extension' to the existing bus services and is also to include for the residents of Mudgeeraba. A stand alone service was not requested nor implied in our first petition.
Bonogin and Mudgeeraba are growing suburbs with an ever changing demography of young people and the elderly sharing who often are living in granny flats due to cost of living pressures.
An unsatisfactory response by the Minister has lead me to reinitiate another petition in the hope that we gather a greater level of support from the community for this initiative and have our petition taken seriously.

Bonogin Rd, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213, Australia

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