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To: Paul Fletcher MP - Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts

Campaign for the removal of all gambling ads from Australian media

Dear Minister it is time for the removal of the promotion of gambling from Australian media. The sheer volume of these ads and their wide access to young minds is simply not acceptable. The fact is the government relies on gambling income and the audience to whom they are pitching are likely already involved in betting, so they are purely targeting young and/or impressionable minds and it has to stop. We don't allow alcohol and driving to be advertised together, so why allow (whilst profiting from) other destructive behaviours. We the people say "No more!"

Why is this important?

Remove gambling enticement from young people
Reduce harm done by people becoming addicted to gambling
Improve the community in general
We simply don't NEED gambling advertising, the industry does... and failure to remove it shows that our government is complicit in driving gambling addiction for profit.


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