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To: Canterbury-Bankstown Council

We Support the Switch to Renewables!

We support the Campsie and Bankstown Master Plan’s proposal to ban any new developments to connect to gas. We need to urgently transition to renewables and give ourselves the best chance to avert a climate disaster.

Why is this important?

Gas is bad for our planet - it’s a dirty and dangerous fossil fuel that fossil fuel corporations need to stop burning as soon as possible to give us any chance of avoiding a catastrophic climate future. The past two years have shown us that we are already living with the dangerous effects of a heating planet - with bushfires and floods raging across the country.

Not only that, gas is bad for our health. As a retired GP I saw firsthand how many of my patients suffered from asthma. And according to the Asthma Council, burning gas inside produces nitrogen dioxide, which can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Why wouldn’t we clean up our homes with clean electricity instead?

Canterbury-Bankstown Council have developed a country-leading plan to ban new gas connections and cut emissions. As many of us as possible need to get behind it! Sign my petition today.

Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia

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