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To: Wattle Day Association; Reconciliation Council and ANTAR - Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation; CWA

Change 26 Jan to Commemoration Day and 1 Sep to Australia Day for all Australians

To spread the word that we need to have an all inclusive day of celebration for every Australians, free of any links to the HISTORY of Australian occupations: in particular Invasion Day on 26 January, and to all those of us who are survivors of childhood sexual abuses, and those from across the seas who have escaped with traumatic memories and the loss of friends and relatives in wars and political conflicts. This day will be the new and significantly more relevant Australia Day on what was once Wattle Day = 1 September. This day is no longer a national holiday YET... Now is a good time to act! The first day of Spring down under. New beginnings.

Why is this important?

Yesterday I heard on the radio news that a highly regarded Indigenous Elder refused to accept his Australia Day Award. That was perfect timing for me as I have been trying to change Australia Day for the past 5 years. When I was in year 12 in 1971, my maths teacher invited me to a week long camp at Lane Cove National Park, Sydney. I did not realise what sort of camp it was initially. I soon learnt that it was the yearly camp to reunite Indigenous siblings who were still being separated and living with different White families. I made many friends there and reflected that had my cousins been born into a family with an Indigenous mother, they too would have been taken away to live with White families. I still live with the shock of what that week was about to this very day. It tore at my heart to try to comfort two precious sisters who were about to be separated again for another LONG year. That was something I have NEVER forgotten. The camp was pervaded with PANIC that last day. I feel that we all need a Commemorative Day on 26 January. There is still much healing to be allowed and this day will also include minority groups such as mine - complex trauma, people from war-torn countries, and even asylum seekers who are feeling political unrest and torture. We all carry traumatic memories that need time to heal and given the respect of the nation to give us this day each year on 26 January.We need a national, inclusive Commemoration Day on 26 January to be dedicated to the memories of all the events that brought/bring/will bring the original generations of the First Peoples in Australia, the invaders and their generations of offspring, more recent migrants and their families, and asylum seekers together to actively remember the actions of past others and to celebrate the survival of all minority groups against enormous odds.

Then we need to bring everyone together into the present time with an all inclusive Australia Day on 1 September, the first day of Spring. Then and only then will Australians be able to start growing up emotionally.

How it will be delivered

Well I'm not sure. I'm still on my own personal journey of discovery and healing so some days I'm not 'with it' much. My son lives with me at present to keep me in the present and on track. I guess I'd like to deliver the signatures in person for full effect. I AM very passionate about this! Maybe a press conference with the support of any others who are also passionate about this issue.


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