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To: John Clark - Canada Bay Council

Listen to the Kids - Build a Mountain Bike Track to Support our Physical and Mental Health

We want 500 signatures to support the kids of my community. I would personally like to have a meeting with John Clark and the Canada Bay Council as soon as we hit 500 signatures to discuss building a local Mountain Bike track for all the kids to have fun and socialise with friends and other kids in the community.

Why is this important?

Canada Bay Council should build us a track for our Mountain Bikes, this is so kids stay active, fit and social while in lockdown and out of lockdown, in a way that we enjoy on our bikes and in the sun.

We have nowhere to go to ride our bikes, riding our bikes is the only thing that keeps us from staying inside all day on our devices.

How it will be delivered

When we have 500 signatures I will submit this petition to the CEO of the Canada Bay Council Mr John Clark.

I respectfully will request a meeting with John Clark and the Canada Bay Council because this issue is very important and kids voices need to be heard.

Canada Bay NSW 2046, Australia

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2021-10-23 15:31:27 +1100

500 signatures reached

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