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To: Australian Government

COVID-19- Endgame C (lockdown-stop and restart) needs to happen to save lives

Put the country into lockdown now to save lives.

Why is this important?

While things remain open, people will gather.
While schools remain open, kids will go. They may not get very sick, but they can bring it home to those who will. Teachers can also contract it.
This is not a practice run. This is happening. We need to let the government know that our lives are important. This is supported by the following article.
Please read this article.
We must choose Endgame C, and choose it quickly.
7 days ago we had only 250 cases at the end of that day- last Sunday. Now we have upwards of 1100 cases. That’s a huge increase- in one week. By that logic, next Sunday, we’ll have 4000 cases. But wait, that’s if it increases at a steady rate, which it doesn’t.
The numbers are old data anyway. If we know about these 1000 cases now, a week ago they were still there, we just didn’t know about them yet, walking around sharing Covid-19 with friends and family. So realistically we have at least 4000 people out there walking around without knowing they have it, sharing it with others. If they share it with only 4 other people- well, you can do the Maths.
The only option here is Endgame C.
The Prime Minister thinks people will make smart choices. He has too much faith in people. They will not comply if simply asked to. We saw that at Bondi. There need to be strict instructions and rules.
I am not alone. Most of Australia wants to go into lockdown, but won’t unless instructed to do so.
The only option is lockdown for 8-12 weeks. Small price to pay really.


2022-12-12 15:33:04 +1100

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