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To: Sunshine Coast Council

Extension of footpath along Parsons Road, Forest Glen to improve local connectivity

The aim of this petition is to encourage Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) to extend the existing footpath on Parsons Road, Forest Glen to join up with Mons Road to improve active transport connectivity in the local area.

I previously submitted a petition to Council for this footpath (232 signatures) but with more people moving into the area I am resubmitting another one to demonstrate the increased demand for the path given the significant local development and people moving into the local area. Council have priced up this footpath and Cr Hungerford cited the 'local connectivity' as one of his election commitments - so I'm keen to make it happen with the help of the local community.

Why is this important?

Parsons Road is a busy cut-through road for motorists accessing the Bruce Highway, Kunda Park, Forest Glen Village, Sunshine Coast Grammar School and local area. It is currently not safe to walk or ride along this section of road. The developer of Forest Pines Estate was conditioned to build a section of footpath along Parsons Road but it does not connect anywhere.
The Council is allowing more residential, retirement and retail development in the local Forest Glen and Mons area such as Nature's Edge, Forest Pines estate, Azure, Greenwood, Halcyon and the future Forest Glen Village (IGA) precinct but none of these developments have little or no active transport connectivity. Council want people to use more active transport options but they are not providing the infrastructure. Extending the footpath on Parsons Road would connect up most of these developments and given people the option to walk or ride safely off an extremely busy road.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be submitted to Cr Hungerford and SCC at the Mons Progress Association Annual General Meeting in March 2021.

Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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