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To: NSW Government

Flood Prevention in the Valley

The perhaps audacious plan I suggest is to hydrate the Hawkesbury Nepean catchment for flood mitigation AND cooling. The councils already require detention of stormwater on all new developments which has resulted in lovely water bodies and cooling green spaces in developments in The Hills Shire. Expand this concept to the entire catchment and include existing urban areas by acquiring flood ravaged properties under Just Terms Compensation sufficient to dig a lake–wetland complex to buffer the water and raise a flood levi to protect remaining homes.

Why is this important?

A lot of energy has already been put into raising the height of the wall to “save the people” against "selfish" conservationists who want to save green space and indigenous heritage. The opposite seems closer to the truth with more development of lifeless hotboxes. The NSW Government will get more for their investment by financially supporting councils throughout the catchment to contain all runoff into wetlands, parks and ponds. This offers cooling amenity throughout western Sydney. Better for liveability for people, supposedly politician’s primary concern.

Penrith should never be the hottest place on earth ( Keeping water in bodies of water like creek-lines, wetlands and ponds prevents bush fires by keeping the land cool, hydrated and ready to receive rain which it can hold rather than release into flood. Flood and drought are two sides of same operation. Hold onto rainwater (stops flood) and drought is prevented equally.

Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia

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