To: Wollongong Council

Footpaths for Point St, Bulli

Residents of point street Bulli and Bulli residents, in general, have for a long time asked for a footpath on-point street to make walking along the street safe. The council should provide footpaths in consultation with the community.

Why is this important?

Many residents, including small children in prams with their mothers, elderly and other residents use point street to walk to the beach, residential or other business destinations in the area but cannot do so in safety. People have been nearly hit by cars, fallen off the hilly grass areas and generally have felt unsafe as the new configuration does not slow down traffic.

Despite being spoken to about this the wishes of the residents were ignored. Instead of providing the footpaths in consultation with the community, the council placed roundabouts that clearly do not stop traffic or make Point St Safer.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person.

Point St, Bulli NSW 2516, Australia

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