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To: Forbes Shire Council

Forbes Dog Park

Forbes Residents are requesting an off-leash fenced dog park, that is regularly maintained with adequate shade, Water stations and waste bags.

Why is this important?

If you take a walk around Lake Forbes, as many locals do, one thing you'll notice is that almost every other person you see has one or more dogs. It is clear that there is something significant missing in our town, an off leash dog park.

There are currently no fenced in off-lease areas for dog to socialize with other dogs within the Forbes Shire.

It’s very important for dogs to interact with different people and animals, as well as take part in varied experiences in a safe environment so they can work out the right way to behave. If dogs are not correctly socialized, they can develop phobias and behavioral problems that can be very hard to fix.

As someone who travels with my dog, as many people do, I know that I am much more likely to stop in a town where there is a dog park so that the dog can get some exercise on long journeys. A well planned and maintained dog park could be another reason for people to stop in Forbes and enjoy all that we have to offer.

This will be another way of bringing our local community together and could be a great asset for our town. If you think Forbes deserves a dog park please sign our petition and help spread the word!

Thank you

New South Wales 2871, Australia

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