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To: Foreign Minister Marise Payne

Free World Vision's Mohammed Al Halabi

Israel has jailed and tortured World Vision's Gaza director Mohammed Al Halabi over false accusations. DFAT should call for Israel to immediately release Mohammed and compensate him for wrongful arrest and imprisonment. Aid to desperately poor Gaza should resume.

Why is this important?

Australia suspended aid to Gaza after Israel jailed and tortured World Vision's Gaza director Mohammed Al Halabi, falsely accusing him of diverting millions of dollars to Hamas. World Vision and Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) conducted thorough audits finding no evidence to support Israel's outlandish claim. Nevertheless, Mohammed remains in jail despite 130 court appearances.

Australia has a moral obligation to support Mohammed. DFAT cleared him of any wrong doing but Israel forced him to confess under torture. Mohammed has withdrawn that forced confession and insists he will not confess to what he has not done. Australia knows the facts and boasts a deep friendship with Israel so it can demand the release of this innocent man. This is a matter of justice in which Australia is complicit. Suspension of aid to Gaza undoubtedly caused more suffering for these besieged and impoverished people so aid needs to be reinstated as soon as possible..

Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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