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To: Goyder regional council

Goyder Council: We need organic waste bins now!

I would like to see Organic Green waste bins provided for Goyder regional council area without a rise in council rates.

Why is this important?

When organic waste gets put into landfill, methane is released (a greenhouse gas 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide). Furthermore, when this organic waste mixes with heavy metals in landfill, an acidic toxic sludge is created and can seep into the water table and jeopardise the already precious source.

Unfortunately, we cannot deny or ignore the scientific data, climate change is apon us and we need to act to enable the quality of life for future generations. We have a responsibility to protect and honour the land, that has been looked after for thousands of years by the traditional custodians.

I encourage and urge for immediate change.


2021-01-15 14:21:18 +1100

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