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To: Dr Katie Allen MP

Higgins wants a Clean Recovery Now!

2020 has been a rough year for our communities in Melbourne. Bushfires devastated towns across the country and now a global pandemic has kept us in lock-down and left over 6000 people in our electorate struggling on JobSeeker.

We need a recovery that sets course for a bright future, creating jobs, boosting our economy and protecting our planet.

To get there, we need MPs inside the Liberal Party Room, like our MP Katie Allen, to speak out and champion a Clean Recovery. As the member for a marginal electorate, Katie Allen knows that she needs to work with us, the members of the Higgins electorate. Together, we can build the clean, climate friendly future we want to live in.

We need Allen to back the plan to:

⚡️ Make Australia a clean energy superpower
☀️ Repower businesses and households with solar
🏫 Upgrade public buildings and homes to be more energy efficient
🚗 Charge Australia’s electric vehicle future.
🌳 Create jobs in landscape management and rehabilitation

Why is this important?

Australia can be a clean energy superpower, creating future-proof jobs in work that improves our lives. We need to make sure we don't miss out on this opportunity to power our recovery with sun, wind, and waves.

We can create jobs restoring the green spaces we love, like Gardiner Creek. We can harness the sun to power our businesses and homes with cheap solar energy. We can stay cooler in sweltering Melbourne summers and save on air-conditioning bills by retrofitting homes to be more energy efficient.

Will you join the call for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs?

How it will be delivered

Here in our electorate of Higgins, we have so many opportunities to create jobs in work caring for our planet, while making our lives more affordable.

Read and share just some of the local job-creating projects a Clean Recovery could support here in Higgins:



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