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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Immediately Boot Andrew Laming to the Crossbench

Immediately send Andrew Laming to the Crossbench and dismiss him from the Liberal Party.

Why is this important?

Andrew Laming has admitted to the accusations levelled against him in regard to his treatment of women, taking inappropriate photographs and stalking. This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable, not only of people in general, but more so from the people who sit in our parliament and other elected places. The only reason that can be attributed to his remaining in the Liberal party is fear on the part of the government that they may lose power.

This is about ethics and standards of behaviour which cannot be tolerated. This is an opportunity for the Prime Minister and to show leadership and send a clear message this behaviour is not acceptable in the Liberal Party. They set an exceptionally poor example to society as a whole as to what is acceptable. The standard you walk past is the one you are prepared to accept.

Let us not walk past this one.

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Some people are questioning the value of signatures on a petition. That is so sad. Signatures indicate the level of outrage. No signatures simply mean a complete level of apathy, compliance and acceptance of this type of behaviour. Be counted. PLEASE be counted.