• Education for Sustainability for All
    Combined with civic education, climate and environmental literacy combined with critical thinking and analytical skills will create jobs, build a vibrant sustainable economy and allow citizens to engage with their governments in a meaningful way to solve climate change and develop a sustainable society. Forty years ago, the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) was formed to champion education reforms (Education for Sustainability is the latest term to describe that) focused on positively connecting students with nature, developing critical thinking and analytical skills and empowering them to help develop solutions to our human induced environmental problems. Now, we need an education revolution to save the planet. Our campaign supports other international campaigns to develop grassroots support and on the ground efforts by students, educators, and civil society to demand national level commitments from Ministries of Education and Environment. Through this campaign, we will ensure that students in Australia and across the world benefit from high-quality education to develop into informed and engaged environmental stewards. AAEE believes that every school in the world must have compulsory, assessed climate and environmental education with a strong civic engagement component focused on achieving a sustainable society.
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  • Jeparit Iconic Rail Bridge Petition
    Since 2013 the Hindmarsh Shire Council has agreed with the constituents of Hindmarsh Shire and surrounding areas that the approx 100yr old iconic railway bridge can be used for people to walk on to cross the Heritage Wimmera River in Jeparit as the main feature of the now named Wimmera River Discovery Trail. Hindmarsh Shire Council announced they had been allocated funding for refurbishment of the iconic railway bridge as the main investment, as well as funding to commence the trail from 4 Mile Beach at Lake Hindmarsh (the largest inland fresh water lake in Victoria) and along the Wimmera River banks to Dimboola. However, Hindmarsh Shire Council in 2020-2021 voted to erect a new bridge at various locations along the Wimmera River because the railway bridge could not be used for people to walk over, with no consultation with constituents. But the engineer report for the railway bridge found that although the bridge could no longer support a train, it can support foot traffic and can be refurbished for that specific purpose (a community member has the engineer report due to her applying for the report under freedom of information). The Victorian Government voted for this railway bridge to be built in approx 1905. It is in great condition compared to other old bridges in the area. By refurbishing the railway bridge we are ensuring that our historic iconic bridge is preserved and valued as a part of our unique history for the area as well as a great tourism asset. This historic bridge is an asset that Hindmarsh Shire Council should continue to invest in because refurbishing this bridge will have not just a healthy economic return but will also have health benefits for the community as a whole. When our historic places are undervalued and disrespected, Hindmarsh Shire Council are perceived as undervaluing and disrespecting their constituents, especially us in Jeparit. We do not want or need a bling new bridge. We want and need to have our iconic railway bridge refurbished as planned and decided from conception between Hindmarsh Shire Council and its constituents.
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    Created by Liz Chivell
  • Repeal the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021
    The Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 grants the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) the power to modify, add, copy, or delete data, on a person’s online accounts. 
So what this means is that the AFP can log into your Email, your Facebook, Instagram any other social media, and not only view it but actually alter it however they want. They can send emails on your behalf, they can post things on your behalf, they can engage in criminal activity on your behalf in order to reach their objective. And if they want to throw you under the bus, you’re just collateral damage. This will not only turn Australia into a bigger surveillance state, but it will make the government the enemy of Australians. Do you really want to live in a country where the government controls every online account you have? Here's the URL for the Bill https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/Bills_Search_Results/Result?bId=r6623
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    Created by Paul Liddle
  • Open Letter: End Logging in Ourimbah State Forest
    We, the community surrounding Ourimbah State Forest (OSF), firmly reject Forestry Corporation NSW’s (FCNSW) harvesting operation plan 200001035 in compartments OUR008 and OUR009, and future logging plans in the area. We fundamentally oppose native forest logging in NSW. We are calling on you to protect OSF by halting the planned logging of this area and to notify you that we plan to take peaceful direct action to stop operations. The insistence of the NSW government to proceed with the destruction of our remaining bushland, along with the desecration of cultural heritage sites and crucial wildlife habitat is a crime against people and nature in the current climate crisis. It is an act of ecocide. The NSW government has consistently ignored the wishes of the people of NSW to protect our native forests, and have instead committed to sustaining an unprofitable extractive industry, with all its negative impacts. Logging of native forests such as OSF degrades the habitat of key threatened species, negatively affects soil quality and carbon sequestration and drastically increases bushfire risk in the harvested and surrounding areas (Bowd et al., 2019). The Central Coast has a growing population that narrowly avoided the disastrous fires of 2019/2020 and 1994 both of which were barely contained along George Downes Drive and the Pacific Motorway. Continuing to fuel an industry that increases fire-risk and decreases the health and resilience of native forests is deplorable, and clearly shows that the collective pain we felt after the Black Summer Bushfires has quickly escaped the psyche of the NSW government. Australia has the unenviable reputation as one of the worst developed nations globally for deforestation. The Liberal government clearly ignores its duty of care to Australian citizens and to the land. According to NSW Government data, land clearing of woody vegetation has increased year-upon-year in the last decade (NSW Government, 2019). We must reverse this trend if we are to have any chance of a sustainable future. OSF is a known koala habitat. It also has cultural heritage sites that have already been degraded. The government’s collusion with the FCNSW and misapplication of the State Environment Planning Policy 44 (SEPP 44) which utterly fails to protect koala habitat demonstrates total lack of leadership in protecting our history, an iconic species and our fragile environment. According to data, the profit from native forest logging in 2019/20 was $28.00 a hectare, which equates to less than 20 cents for each mature tree logged (David Shoebridge, 2020). When government grants to FCNSW are considered; which totalled $136 million over a 10-year period ending in 2015 (Australian Institute, 2016), the industry runs at a significant loss. It is a burden to the NSW economy and a threat to the ecology of the area. We therefore oppose the Liberal government’s financial and legislative support of the industry. The Central Coast has prime bushland that needs protecting as one of the state’s remaining strongholds of native forest after the Black Summer Bushfires. Wood from native forest harvesting in NSW is primarily processed in three ways; chipped, pulped, or turned into pellets to be burned in power stations. Biomass (wood burning for energy) releases far more CO2 per kW than coal, yet it is legally a renewable energy source, granting it the same subsidies and privileges as solar and wind (nefa.org, 2020). This is a negligent misrepresentation of the truth, burning our native forests for electricity is not a sustainable energy alternative. Redbank Power station, if reinstated, will release 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 annually, and increase FCNSW’s ability to extract more timber and utilise more components than they were previously able (Renew Economy, 2019). Biomass is not a sustainable alternative to coal and it makes no sense in a climate emergency. We demand that the government protect and replenish forests, not cut them down. We respect the need for wood products and jobs and call for the Premier to: a) facilitate a full transition to sustainable timber alternatives such as agroforestry, and b) to invest in other industries that not only protect our sacred lands, but create a sustainable job sector, such as ecotourism. These industries will be a wellspring of potential in times to come. Our forests are not bottomless pits for us to extract from, but places of natural beauty and delicate ecosystems. We call upon the government to see that our forests serve us most NOT when commodified, but when they are protected, nurtured and thriving. There is nothing positive about native forest logging, but the negative impacts are exponential, including loss of habitat and biodiversity leading to further species extinction, loss of international respect, loss of income in eco-tourism, loss of cultural heritage sites and greater bush fire risk. We, as a strong community, will peacefully take direct action if the government does not take our concerns seriously and cease operations in OSF immediately.
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    Created by Camp Ourimbah
  • Save the Nicholas Building creative community!
    There is no building like the Nicholas left in Melbourne. In fact you would hard pressed to find anything like it in the southern hemisphere. Seriously. So many people have a story connected to the Nicholas Building. What's yours? We want to keep making more experiences for all Melbournians and guests to our amazing city. Here’s some facts*: • Total cultural tourism exports for Victoria – most of which are generated out of central Melbourne – amounted to more than $2.5 billion in 2019. • Every $1 million of investment in cultural programming and investment, including in creative spaces, in Melbourne, induces more than $4 million in additional tourism exports and supports 40 jobs. Cultural programming and investment does not just refer to the output of major companies. One of the major contributing factors is through the incubation and provision of creative spaces for small social enterprises, artist led initiatives, artisan studios, and bespoke flexible venues. Where else is the content you experience in theatres and on your smartphone developed? Not just at home that is for sure. We need more, not less creative spaces where a critical mass of energy and collaboration turns into productivity and more cultural experience. More facts*: • Each permanent creative space (e.g. studio) generates a net benefit to the Melbourne and Victorian communities of $247,000. This is the present value of a stream of benefits capitalised over an indefinite period. A quarter of a million dollars per creative studio. The Nicholas Building has over 100 such creative studios. DO the math! But beyond the economics, it is the feeling. Coming to a Night at the Nicholas event across 10 floors you will experience live music, art performance and installations, dance parties, palm and tarot readers, VR artists painting you into an artwork, tattoo shops, weaving workshops, choirs, drinks with jewellers, forums, Australia’s largest Joseph Beuys collection! The list goes on. The feeling that crowds report after these events is one of elation, ecstasy, joy and relief that the human impulse to create and share this creativity with others has a place right in the heart of the city. Where people can be immersed in the unique and diverse arts and culture. There is no other way you will get those offerings elsewhere in Melbourne. Without the Nicholas we lose our last Artist Run Initiative Galleries. These galleries have supported thousands of artists over the last couple of decades - your children, friends, parents. Most Melbournians know someone that has been supported or moved by the cultural community of the Nicholas Building. We cannot afford to lose it. And now, as we come out of the pains of the pandemic we must support a creative led recovery. Not just on words in policy documents and vision statements from well meaning institutions. But actual investment into those people and places that already make it happen! The Nicholas Building community have done this off their back for so long. But we can no longer afford to do it on our own. Without the support of those with the power and money to stave off the imminent exodus of another 100 creative souls from our city centre we may as well stay at home and let Netflix tell us the extent of our culture. No thanks! -- *Data gathered from SGS Public Sector Consulting
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  • Catherine King join the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group
    Both the implications of Assange's case for democracy and the fact that his treatment has been classified as torture make this an issue of utmost importance. Assange's situation has been described by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer as "a huge scandal and represents the failure of Western rule of law. If Julian Assange is convicted, it will be a death sentence for freedom of the press." Melzer also "visited Assange in his cell in London in May 2019 together with two experienced, widely respected doctors who are specialized in the forensic and psychological examination of torture victims. The diagnosis arrived at by the two doctors was clear: Julian Assange displays the typical symptoms of psychological torture. If he doesn’t receive protection soon, a rapid deterioration of his health is likely, and death could be one outcome." Image: Metahaven, "Leaked" WikiLeaks posters, 2010
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    Created by Eve Blayney
  • Stop Eastern Suburbs bus cuts!
    Many of us will be affected by the cuts. It will mean it's harder to get to the airport without paying through the roof for limited train options, it will mean less connections between the Eastern Suburbs and the rest of Sydney, and it will mean longer wait and transit times. These cuts are being rammed through for 2 reasons: to pay for the light rail they're trying to force people into using, and to further their privatisation agenda. But just relying on light rail will mean longer trips and more transfers for many residents. And privatising the remaining and modified bus routes will be bad for transport workers and bad for us, like it's been in the Western Suburbs. It's also important we take a stand against these undemocratic changes that barely any of us were consulted on. It's our lives that are being affected, not the rich politicians who can pay for drivers to take them where they want. Bus routes that will be cut include: 300, 301, 302, 309X, 310X, 314, 316, 317, 338, 353, 357, 372, 373, 376, 377, 391, 393, 394, 395, 400, 400N, L94, X40, X93, X99. We need to stop this assault on our public transport! References: Dozens of Sydney bus services cut in eastern suburbs transport overhaul, Sydney Morning Herald, 6 May 2021 Outrage as popular bus routes used by thousands are SCRAPPED to pay for Sydney's $3billion Light Rail project, Daily Mail, 7 May 2021
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  • Refund Projects Dismissed in Sports Rorts
    The 'Sports Rorts' saga surrounding the 2018 Community Sport Infrastructure grant program led to the Senate Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants. The final report of the Committee has been released with nine sensible recommendations. The recommendations outlined improved communication, transparency & integrity when Government bodies are administering grants. These recommendations were made in response to findings of "overt and organised practice by the Government of inappropriately using Commonwealth grants for partisan political purposes, and a failure to act transparently and accountably in relation to the expenditure of public monies". The recommendations also included that "the Australian Government immediately fund in full all projects that were assessed as meritorious and recommended by Sport Australia, but dismissed in the final ministerial funding decisions." This is vitally important to restore trust and faith in the Australian Government, by the not-for-profit organisations who rely on these programs, to improve the facilities they offer to their members and their communities.
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    Created by James Meyer
  • Save the landmark Burleigh Swimming Centre from redevelopment
    The Burleigh Swimming Centre is declared a landmark facility in the City of Gold Coast Council's document titled 'Burleigh Heads Heritage & Character Study'. The idea of a salt water 'ocean pool' was conceptualised in 1935 by the legendary Jim Cavill, (as in Cavill Avenue) who operated the Surfers Paradise Hotel and Zoo. It would be reasonable to assume the rock pool was based on the renowned Bondi Icebergs. The ocean rock pool was subsequently constructed in 1953 by another Gold Coast legend, Jack (Sharkey) Evans who went on to construct and operate the renowned Snapper Rocks Porpoise Pool. In 1983 the Burleigh Swimming Centre was redesigned and a pavilion erected above the swimming venue for a restaurant(s) to financially contribute to maintenance of the swimming centre. Protection of the swimming centre was contained in the term lease. The current lessee seeks to eliminate the swimming centre in favour of an entertainment venue, in contradiction of the term lease. Residents passionately insist the government uphold the lease, but most importantly respect and retain our city's small selection of historical landmark facilities by ensuring the swimming centre continues as our forefathers decreed.
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    Created by Don Magin
  • Upgrade Oatley - Como pedestrian path.
    Safety. Someone is bound to be seriously injured if the path is not upgraded immediately.
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    Created by Michael Tomalaris
  • Bring Australians in India home - NOW
    There are 9,000 Australian citizens abandoned by our Government, stuck in India. They will be criminalised, face fines of $66,000 and a 5-year jail term if they attempt to return home. There are 675,000 people of Indian origin in Australia. We are an important and growing part of the community here, and make significant contributions to the wellbeing of this society. We ask the Government of Australia - why should we labour to support this Government? The White Australia policy was renounced in 1973, or was it? Infection rates in the USA and UK peaked in January 2021 at 89 and 76 cases per 100,000. India's rates today are 27 cases per 100,000. Yet there is a ban on citizens travelling from India today. No other Aussies have faced this indignity. India's health and administrative systems are buckling under the care of Indian citizens. Yet one of the richest countries in the world says, "look after ours as well, thanks". Morrison's government has had 12 months to plan for quarantine facilities in response to desperate calls from Australian citizens stranded all over the world. Furthermore they promised to bring all Australians stranded overseas home by Christmas 2020. This week, our government has declared, effectively, that they are ok for Australian citizens in India to risk death. We demand that the Federal Government step up, increase repatriation flights, repurpose quarantine facilities, and bring our most at-risk citizens home. NOW. Friends, demand that our government treat the disease, not punish the person. Hold our government accountable to ALL Australians. ACT NOW:Sign this petition and share with your friends and family References: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/may/03/australias-india-travel-ban-does-the-health-justification-stack-up-and-is-the-move-legal https://ig.ft.com/coronavirus-chart
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    Created by Indu Balachandran & Team of Australian Citizens
  • Sydney Wants Julian Assange Freed
    The ability of the media to report freely on matters of public interest is a crucial indicator of democracy. However this right to seek and disseminate information through an independent press is increasingly under attack. If Julian Assange, an Australian journalist can be prosecuted and imprisoned for espionage in the United States, then no media professional or citizen journalist anywhere, is safe to report information exposing government crimes. The United Nations Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, has called for Assange’s immediate release, asserting that “In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonize and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law”. Recent reports show that the Trump administration and CIA were working on plans to either kidnap or kill Julian Assange when he was a political asylee in London's Ecuadorian embassy. If extradited to the US, Julian Assange does not stand a chance. The Australian government must advocate for one of its own citizens. The people of Sydney want to see justice for Julian Assange and call on our elected representative to do all that she can to help free Julian Assange and bring him home.
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