• Morrison: Stop MPs spreading dangerous misinformation
    I was a nurse on a Covid screening ward in Melbourne last year. I saw my colleagues get Covid. And people died on our ward without having all of their family present. It's a real slap in the face that Scott Morrison isn't holding MPs to account when they spread disinformation. It lets down healthcare workers, and people who've lost family and friends to Covid. Liberal MP Craig Kelly is peddling dangerous misinformation that threatens public safety. He’s been promoting unproven “treatments” for coronavirus, encouraging his Facebook followers to use drugs medical experts say do not work, and compared wearing masks to child abuse. The Australian Medical Association has called it “torching the foundations of community health” and has urged the government to crack down hard on MPs spreading misinformation. But so far, Morrison has refused to criticise and correct Kelly's comments — even though three in four people in Australia want him to do so. On top of that, Deputy PM Michael McCormack has defended Kelly by saying “facts are sometimes contentious”. Morrison might be reluctant to pull his MPs into line, but as our Prime Minister he needs to enforce ZERO TOLERANCE for MPs eroding public trust in the advice of health experts. Especially in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. Luckily, Morrison can be pressured on this issue. He’s very protective of his reputation when it comes to his handling of coronavirus and a huge show of public outrage could force him to come out hard. So can you sign this petition and then share it with your friends and family? Everyday people in Australia should feel proud of how we’ve handled the global pandemic. Compared to most other countries, we’ve done well to contain the crisis and keep case numbers down. But we’ve only been able to achieve this because — as a community — we’ve agreed to listen to the health experts, follow their advice, and do the right thing by one another. But all that’s under threat unless Morrison immediately puts a stop to the reckless spread of misinformation by people in his government. References: • Craig Kelly's Covid claims not backed by evidence, chief medical officer says, The Guardian, 13 Jan 2021 • Senior Government figures refuse to condemn Craig Kelly for spreading misleading coronavirus information, ABC, 13 Jan 2021 • We regret to report that Craig Kelly MP is at it again, Crikey, 13 Jan 2021 • Three-quarters of Australians say Scott Morrison should rebuke Craig Kelly for Covid misinformation, The Guardian, 18 Jan 2021 • Australia's acting PM Michael McCormack says 'facts sometimes are contentious', The Guardian, 12 Jan 2021
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    Created by Emilie (a nurse in Victoria)
  • Clean up our River system
    For 25 years now I have tried to get councils to clean up our biggest asset the Georges River. Each flood erodes more of the sandy banks due to urban spread & its diversion of run off water to the creek system that feeds the river. Trees that have been long standing face the risk of falling into the river on the next major flood & noxious weeds supplies a home for ever growing mosquito population.
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    Created by Alan Riley
  • Give us back our ferry stop at Dockside!
    It has been several months since our ferry service was suddenly stopped with no explanation & no community consultation. We are being told that there are several explanations/reasons for this occurring, none of which ring true. Dockside was a very heavily used stop and the only one I can walk to because of mobility issues. We have seen no works happening at the Dockside Ferry stop & have been given no timeline for the completion of these works. The interim KittyKat ferries are noisy, hot and small. We have approached our local government representative Jonathan Sri (Gabba Ward) but he has also had little luck in getting real information out of the BCC. This is not good enough! If you agree please sign this petition.
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    Created by Jane Layton
  • Fruit, vegetables & nut trees on Mornington Peninsula streets
    With the cost of living increasing and financial pressures growing this is a way to lower the cost of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts whilst delivering better nutritional outcomes and community engagement.
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    Created by Andy Murray
    Everybody deserves to be loved, and sport should not be a platform to support and spread misinformation and discrimination against anybody. Full recognition should be given to sportspeople who promote inclusion and love, such as Evonne Goolagong Cawley, and the arena should be renamed after her, or, at the least be called the Love All Arena. The supporters of this petition stand in solidarity with the people of Burundi, especially in the LGBTQ+ community, and people all over the world who have endured human rights abuses and persecution. COURT OUT! LOVE ALL!
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    Created by Ant Benedyka
  • Urgent Special General Meeting of SWALSC members to discuss SWALSC role in AHRCL activities in 2020
    SWALSC members and NCT beneficiaries are concerned that over $18 million of our funds and the potential future income and benefits from these funds held in trust by our professional trustee EQT have been diminished as a result of misrepresentations made by SWALSC executives and the SWALSC Governing committee. We feel that persons, organisations and trustees should be held accountable for these activities conducted in 2019 and 2020
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    Created by Noel Morich
  • The Better Democracy Charter
    Ordinary Australians need more power in our system, and the Charter makes fundamental, specific and actionable requests to improve things, whilst also offering an example of how the grassroots can better organise for power, and for change. The Charter is a living document, and so can change as needed. We campaign to see the requests made in the charter are implemented, and when they are another issue is drafted to be campaigned on. This shifts some power and importance from politicians and the media back into the domain of the people as a whole. In signing this petition, you'll be taking some power back.
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    Created by Eamonn O'Flaherty
  • An Act Defining Duties and Responibilities of Politicians
    The purpose of the act would be to hold politicians to an enforceable standard of behaviour. At a time when we have witnessed appalling behaviour by politicians globally it is time that we insist on a set of standards similar to those required of company directors. The Corporations Act identifies four areas of behaviour for directors - Care and Diligence, Good Faith, Not to Improperly use their Position and Not to Improperly use Information. To not require politicians to meet at least the same standards required of directors is appallingly negligent.
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    Created by Phil Jones
  • Bring Australian troops home from Afghanistan
    The Brereton inquiry has exposed Australian war crimes in Afghanistan. The federal government has used lawfare against the ABC in its attempt to cover-up the nature of our intervention. Apologies to the people of Afghanistan do not go far enough: if we are truly sorry we must withdraw Australian troops from their country and provide humanitarian aid only.
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    Created by Peter Greenland