• The Better Democracy Charter
    Ordinary Australians need more power in our system, and the Charter makes fundamental, specific and actionable requests to improve things, whilst also offering an example of how the grassroots can better organise for power, and for change. The Charter is a living document, and so can change as needed. We campaign to see the requests made in the charter are implemented, and when they are another issue is drafted to be campaigned on. This shifts some power and importance from politicians and the media back into the domain of the people as a whole. In signing this petition, you'll be taking some power back.
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    Created by Eamonn O'Flaherty
  • Bring Australian troops home from Afghanistan
    The Brereton inquiry has exposed Australian war crimes in Afghanistan. The federal government has used lawfare against the ABC in its attempt to cover-up the nature of our intervention. Apologies to the people of Afghanistan do not go far enough: if we are truly sorry we must withdraw Australian troops from their country and provide humanitarian aid only.
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    Created by Peter Greenland