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To: Brisbane City Council

Community Hub, not Racing Club. Stafford, Queensland

The Stafford and surrounding community call on Brisbane City Council to cancel the newly announced lease, and invest in a Stafford community hub which is beneficial for the whole community.

Why is this important?

In 2016 the Stafford Bowls Club located on 352 Stafford Road sadly closed their doors. It was a big loss in the heart of Stafford.

In 2018 a development application was lodged and approved for Crushers Leagues Club to extend the existing building, transferring their licence from the previous venue.
For years now, the Stafford community has waited for the Stafford Bowls Club to be developed into a family friendly hub, connecting the existing sporting facilities and sports communities through to Stafford City Shopping Centre and to thriving small businesses in the Wolverhampton industrial precinct. The Stafford Bowls Club has remained derelict since the closure.

Unbeknownst to the community, Brisbane City Council representatives recently debated the handover of this approved lease agreement between Crushers Leagues Club and council to be handed over to a commercial interest - The Brisbane Racing Club. Without debate, and without community support, transparency or input.

Three Councillors needed to abstain from voting to support this approval since they had declared receiving gift/s of $500 or more or multiple gifts from Brisbane Racing Club. With a majority LNP council, the decision to hand over a highly valued lease to a commercial racing business was approved.

The community was not privy to the decision, nor consulted on what they would like or need for their community.

We invite you to join our call to cancel this lease, and take back the decision of how this precinct should be developed for our community. It's time to revision our Stafford hub into something that benefits all community members, rather than line the pockets of commercial interest. Tell Council: No to Racing Club, Yes to Community Hub.

What would you like to see in the Stafford precinct?
A family-friendly venue operated by a local business (also free of 80+ pokies).
A precinct much like the Grange Library and Grange Thistle Football and Bowls Club?
A water play space with outdoor performances? Want to volunteer to help?

More reading on the decision can be found here:

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petitions in person to Brisbane City Council, Lord Mayor and local Councillor Fiona Hammond, Marchant Ward.

352 Stafford Rd, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia

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2023-01-25 12:31:09 +1100

Hi everyone, the momentum is building on our 'Stafford Hub, NOT Racing Club' campaign, but we need your help! Once you've signed this petition, please make sure that you also head over to sign the Brisbane City Council e-petitions so it will be debated - and of course, follow us on socials where we'll keep you up to date
Thanks to a wonderful community member, we've also got a new website to share here:

2022-12-08 21:08:35 +1100

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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10 signatures reached

2022-11-07 12:09:48 +1100

We've started a Go Fund Me to be able to afford design, print and distribution costs for the campaign. If you can contribute a small amount, you know what to do!