• Access for the Elderly
    Elderly residents with mobility impairment presently traverse roads, gutters, rough ground and parked & speeding vehicles to access the local bus stops from their homes
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    Created by John Donoghue
  • An Act Defining Duties and Responibilities of Politicians
    The purpose of the act would be to hold politicians to an enforceable standard of behaviour. At a time when we have witnessed appalling behaviour by politicians globally it is time that we insist on a set of standards similar to those required of company directors. The Corporations Act identifies four areas of behaviour for directors - Care and Diligence, Good Faith, Not to Improperly use their Position and Not to Improperly use Information. To not require politicians to meet at least the same standards required of directors is appallingly negligent.
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    Created by Phil Jones
  • Bring Australian troops home from Afghanistan
    The Brereton inquiry has exposed Australian war crimes in Afghanistan. The federal government has used lawfare against the ABC in its attempt to cover-up the nature of our intervention. Apologies to the people of Afghanistan do not go far enough: if we are truly sorry we must withdraw Australian troops from their country and provide humanitarian aid only.
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    Created by Peter Greenland