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To: The Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers

Education for Sustainability for All

Education for Sustainability for All

Commit to reforming our education and training policies so that every student, every worker and every citizen has the knowledge and ability to understand how our planet works, the human impact upon it and can develop the skills to participate in the development of a vibrant sustainable society and economy. This is what Education for Sustainability is designed to do.
Australia has committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals including SDG 4 intended to reach the goal by educating our people how to love and understand our world and live sustainably. Australia's commitments need to be backed with real action in order to empower the people to help lead the world to a sustainable futures, create sustainable industries and jobs and a better society for all.
Education for Sustainability is the key to a sustainable future.

Why is this important?

Combined with civic education, climate and environmental literacy combined with critical thinking and analytical skills will create jobs, build a vibrant sustainable economy and allow citizens to engage with their governments in a meaningful way to solve climate change and develop a sustainable society.

Forty years ago, the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) was formed to champion education reforms (Education for Sustainability is the latest term to describe that) focused on positively connecting students with nature, developing critical thinking and analytical skills and empowering them to help develop solutions to our human induced environmental problems. Now, we need an education revolution to save the planet.

Our campaign supports other international campaigns to develop grassroots support and on the ground efforts by students, educators, and civil society to demand national level commitments from Ministries of Education and Environment. Through this campaign, we will ensure that students in Australia and across the world benefit from high-quality education to develop into informed and engaged environmental stewards.

AAEE believes that every school in the world must have compulsory, assessed climate and environmental education with a strong civic engagement component focused on achieving a sustainable society.

How it will be delivered

This campaign is the start of public process to develop awareness and commitment to reformed education policies. This petition will be delivered to our leaders to help make them listen as the campaign unfolds.


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