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To: Inner West Council

The Inner West Needs More Recycling!

Dear Inner West Council,

Pick up recycling every week instead of every fortnight – it's vital to our community and household welfare.

Why is this important?

With more people working from home than ever, it has become clear that our communities are in desperate need of more recycling pickups.

Inner West Council is already behind on this – City of Sydney Council has been doing weekly recycling pickups for a while now. This is not good enough from our council that claims to have environmental credentials.

We've heard stories from people who have been putting recycling in their general waste, and this has been a particular problem for the many share houses in the area. As one person said, "this is no way to live."

An added benefit is that this will create jobs for many waste collectors and sanitation engineers. Many people in this industry worked in commercial waste collection, which has seen a decline due to less people working in offices due to the pandemic.

Sign this petition and tell the Inner West Council that enough is enough – for the environment and for our homes, we need more recycling pickups!


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