To: Fair Work Commission, Fair Work Ombudsman

Interview Candidates Should be Paid by Hiring Companies

Jobseekers' time is valuable and a notion of responsibility should be passed on to recruitment agents, talent acquisition partners and employers who invite candidates to be part of their interview process.
Paying qualified candidates to come in for interviews will instil a culture of responsibility in this recruitment world where candidates get called left, right, centre; spend hours in interview processes with little to no gain at the end of the tunnel.

My petition is to introduce a process in place where qualified candidates who are invited by companies to be part of their recruitment process be rewarded for their equitable time and effort.

Why is this important?

Recruitment is a dog eat dog world where a number of candidates are mismatched to company's requirements by agents causing hurt, pain, discouragement, and at times depression for candidates who have been in the market for some time in search of a job.

When companies can pay recruitment agencies to source talent, why cannot companies incentivise the recruitment process for future asset pool by paying qualified candidates to be paid for each stage of interview they are part of? This will instil responsibility in all involved parties.