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To: Councillor Brooke Savige - Moreton Bay Regional Council

Kangaroo Road Kills on Bribie Island

Put in dusk to dawn speed reductions in high impact zones, predictable risk zones.
Put in motion activated illuminated Wildlife Alert signs like the SAM signs in high impact/predictable risk zones.
Paint "Wildlife: Drive Carefully" signwriting at the access of high impact/predictable risk zones
Fence the area of national park on Sunderland Drive to Benabrow Avenue between Banskia Beach Primary School
Bribie Island is unique. it must be treated as a "one off" in its planning, approval and management processes. Not just part of the MBRC regional management plans.

Why is this important?

Bribie Island is a flora and fauna sanctuary.
Over one third of the island is National Park.
Development has accelerated with little planning to cater for this unique Island and its natural flora and fauna.
The local Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council does not have a plan specifically for the management of this unique and beautiful, but fragile Island.
Kangaroos, Wallabies, snakes, birds and lizards are killed on the roads almost daily.
The emus are now extinct on the island as a result of human impact.
People move to Bribie Island for its "Liveability" The flora and fauna are part of that.
People don't want to see dead kangaroos on the footpath outside the school or the Police euthanasing (shooting) a badly injured kangaroo in their front yard. This already happens too often.
Development of the island must proceed with the fragile nature of the flora and fauna in mind: not at its expense.
It will only get worse if nothing is done.

Bribie Island, Queensland 4507, Australia

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