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To: Deputy Premier of Queensland

Keep Ballymore Green - Stop a major commercial development in our backyard

Reject the Queensland Rugby Union’s (QRU) Ballymore Master Plan apart from the Rugby Training Centre and save this much loved community green space.

Why is this important?

QRU has a substantial proposal before the government to create a commercial precinct at Ballymore, in Herston, Brisbane. Formal consultation on the application closed 31 March 2021 but all signatures up until mid April 2021 will be forwarded to the Deputy Premier.

A small part of the project (<10%) is for a National Rugby Training Centre, which is not of concern. This includes improvements to playing fields and internal circulation.

What is of major concern are 7 buildings up to 5 storeys high, providing 33,800sqm of commercial offices (not shops or cafes). These buildings will:
• change the character of the neighbourhood (5 storeys along main park frontage);
• use most of the existing open space;
• remove substantial vegetation;
• cause traffic in local streets (bigger than two Newmarket Shopping Centres); and
• create significant on-street parking in local streets (because on-site parking is sought to be relaxed by 893 spaces).

This is a poor project and bad precedent for community open space. Please help us to stop this harmful proposal. Please share this petition with your local community.

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Brisbane QLD, Australia

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