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To: Hon. Rob Stokes MP Minister for Planning & Public Spaces

Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt

Intercede in the DA for 4 Murdoch Street, Huskisson as it would severely impact on the environmental uniqueness of Jervis Bay.

Why is this important?

This DA was originally approved in 2011 & was renewed in 2016 although no obvious physical work had been commenced on the site. The DA is for twin 3 story buildings & an underground car park. The site is less than 40 metres from the banks of Moona Moona Creek & is in it's immediate flood plain. The Council's Natural Resources & Floodplain Unit states that basement car parking is not recommended in flood prone land. The original flood report was prepared in 2011 & since then a new bridge has been constructed over the Creek & sea levels are rising due to climate change. Moona Moona Creek & it's mangroves are a critical hatchery for small fish & is essential for the health of Jervis Bay, the major attraction of the Shoalhaven.

Jervis Bay, Australia

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