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To: The Hon. Shelley Hancock MP ( NSW Minister for Local Government)

Keep The Greens Bowling Club, The Entrance, on Community land.

Do not sell or rezone 2-4 Park Road, The Entrance, currently known as The Greens Bowling Club. ( Part Lot 1 DP 180642 and DP 4060380)

Why is this important?

Community land and recreational space are important to the health and well being of The Entrance community. The land forms part of the green space so valued by The Entrance community. The Greens Bowling Club has been used by members for decades. The land upon which it sits is a community asset. It should not become an asset of a corporation. The land must continue to be used for recreation. Bowling on an outdoor green has been part of Australian culture for decades,and should be kept for future generations.

The Entrance NSW 2261, Australia

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2021-05-21 13:42:04 +1000

Council’s response:

The land in which The Greens Bowling club is located is currently zoned RE1 "Public Recreation", if the land is to be held by a private entity (and be included in the Tranche 3 Asset Sales Program), the site needs to be rezoned. The zone would need to be determined as one which is most appropriate for the proposed use of the site in private ownership.


Central Coast Council

2021-05-15 17:50:28 +1000

Does anyone know the conditions under which the Taylor Family donated the land that The Greens Bowling Club at The Entrance now occupies?

2021-05-14 06:54:07 +1000

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