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To: Fraser Coast Regional Council

Keep Ya Ya’s coffee cart at Urangan Pier Park Markets

Keep Ya Ya’s coffee cart at Urangan Pier Park Markets

To keep our position at the Urangan Pier Park Markets. We are requesting that the Council conduct a review of the validity of this claim, this may include a study of the increased population of the area and subsequently generated demand. We believe that, as a coffee cart, we contribute significantly to the vitality and success of the markets and that, in turn, the market contributes significantly to the financial viability of the surrounding business district. This is our main source of income and livelihood. We are rate paying local residents of the Fraser Coast. We work at Urangan Pier Park Markets on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Why is this important?

Consumers right to choose, Fair Trade, Anti Bullying.
This discussion sets a precedent that has the potential to negatively impact upon any stall holder at the markets.

How it will be delivered

In person

6/8 Pilot St, Urangan QLD 4655, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Isigned as i believe that YA Ya,'s has a right to a far go only trading for 2 morning a week and do not sell food only DRINKS , why is our right to choose where we have a drink being taken from me, I do use the other cafes when I am not at the markets but if the cart is taken from the markets I would not be going to the other places to buy a drink due to the fact that my freedom to choose has been taken from me
  • This is my business/livelihood
  • Customer service is second to none. Coffees are great, and I will happily purchase a coffee at every Saturday market to support this small business


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