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To: NSW Transport and Kyogle Council

Kyogle to Rainbow Ridge School Bus

Kyogle to Rainbow Ridge School Bus

Provide a school bus from Kyogle to Rainbow Ridge Steiner School for their students to get to and from school.

Why is this important?

All children and their families should have access in our local area of Kyogle to a school bus to get to school. Rainbow Ridge Steiner School has been an education option for parents to send their children in Kyogle Council region for over 20 years and no school bus has ever been organised for their families from Kyogle township to the school. Over 20 children would use this bus service every week but still after years of petitioning by parents and the school to NSW transport, Kyogle Council and local MP's, no bus service to Kyogle. Our families are valuable in our local area and we should support our local schools in the Kyogle region.

Kyogle NSW 2474, Australia

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I have epilepsy and I love Steiner education for my children and because NSW Transport will not provide a bus from the nearest town to my children's school, I'm driving my kids 30 mins to the nearest bus stop instead of 10 mins to the nearest town twice a day. I watch cars filled with 20 of our school kids all driving up the same long windy road for 15km or more every day and ask myself why won't NSW transport give us a bus? Parents find employment hard to arrange as a result, after school care arrangements near impossible and the commute down right dangerous on the cawongla road. It's time something is done. These families matter.

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