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To: Federal government

Legalise the recreational use of cannabis in Australia

Legalise the recreational use of cannabis in Australia

Legalise, tax, and regulate cannabis in Australia

Why is this important?

This unjust and immoral war on this plant has to end. Australians shouldn’t be criminalised for using a plant that is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. The waste of resources policing this unjust law as well as the targeting of minorities needs to end. The time has come for Australia to catch up with the rest of the world!

Reasons for signing

  • I believe that cannabis is the solution to man kind an has medical uses as well as hemp products such as oil, clothing etc
  • It has proven to have good benefits especially for those suffering with chronic pain or cancer
  • I signed because nobody ever goes to jail or does crime while stone from smoking bongs but yet every other drug proscribed or non have landed people into prison for a decade sometimes even life people have murdered,robbed, shot, raped etc on gp scripts or drugs such as heroin an ice but nobody does these crimes stoned an high on cannabis the most likely worst senecio would be your food being stolen by the munchie monster having the munchies just her the cousin the Cookie Monster


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