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To: Darebin Council and Moreland Council

Local Riders Need an Area to Build Dirt Jumps

Our local area is in need of dirt jumps to progress bike (mountain bike) skills. Riding has become extremely popular over the past 20 months, in particular mountain biking, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Building and riding mountain bike jumps has become an every day activity for most young riders, but the council continues to destroy kid’s hard work. Mountain biking is a great sport as it is enjoyable and fun for all ages.

We as mountain bikers feel that we need a dedicated area for riding, skill progression and fun. Mountain biking is also a way to be physically active. Having mountain bike specific dirt jump area may inspire more people to get off the screens and out riding. Building some progressive bike features would be great for the riding community and local riders of all skill level and age. We as local riders wish to work with the council to create these dirt jumps.

Please sign our Petition and if you would like please show more support by following the @darebin_riding_comunity Instagram account.

Why is this important?

Building these dirt jumps will allow the community to have fun, progress their skills, be active and exercising, enjoying time with fellow riders and shredding.

How it will be delivered

Email to council

Darebin, VIC, Australia

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