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To: Minister for Roads Ben Carroll

Make it safe for us to cross the Bass Highway in Kilcunda

Please fund and construct the Safety and Accessibility Improvements to the Bass Highway in Kilcunda before someone dies! Please make it safer for residents and tourists that frequent the area to cross the Highway.

Why is this important?

This is important as it is dangerous to cross the road and its only a matter of time until someone is killed or seriously injured. Safety improvements to this section of Bass Highway have been a high priority for the community, which is separated by this busy highway, for decades. Our school children have to cross the road each day for the bus drop off and pick up, our recreation area is over the highway for most residents while the General Store, Post Office and Pub are over the highway for the other residents so we can't avoid crossing it. The Planning and Community Consultation required for the project have already been done, the Environmental Assessment, Cultural Heritage Management Plan, Additional Survey works, Safety Audit and further refinement of the design, within existing scope, have all been progressed. We now just need you to fund it so it can be built and our community can be safer and more connected.
Details of the project can be found through the link below

How it will be delivered

I intend to deliver this petition in person, hopefully with my locally elected Member of Parliament, to the Minister and have the local media there so that they can report it and further spread the word in the hope that it will encourage the Minister to fund the project.

Kilcunda VIC 3995, Australia

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