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To: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Make Moreton Bay Safe

Make Moreton Bay Safe

Put up digital signs at every boat ramp in Moreton Bay, displaying warnings such as weather warnings, "Do not go out" warnings, and missing person announcements.
Also solar-powered radio stations on each island.

Why is this important?

Within 2-3 months we have lost 4 lives in Moreton bay waters including my brother.

My name is Shannon Riley and I lead the search for Trent my brother. We don't know what exactly happened to Trent. Whatever happened to him was quick.

Unfortunately, a couple of the other souls that have left us went out in unsafe conditions. The bay can be very unpredictable at times, what looks calm can be very dangerous just around the corner.
If they just saw a sign saying Do not go out Unsafe conditions they would have become aware and might be with us today.

Just like the warnings signs on the highways.

It's time for a change.

I'm doing this in the name of my brother Trent Riley
If we can save one life I'll know his death was for a greater purpose.

Moreton Bay Region, QLD, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • To help save lives.
  • Because Shannon touched so many peoples lives and souls when Trent went missing and bought so many people together he just kept his head held high and alot of others just held it together to and pushed forward if it wasn't for him this would not be happening Shannon you truly are amazing just like Trent much love to you and to all your family and friends 💋🤙🤙✌✌
  • Digital signage at boats ramps is a great idea for weather, tides, swell etc


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