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To: Prime Minister, Schools, Principals

Mental Health Long Weekends during online schooling

Mental Health Long Weekends during online schooling

During Online schooling, children under the age of 18 doing online school should be having a 3 day weekend to take themselves away from screens and to rest their mental health.

Having this extra day can give the student a day to relax or have an extra day to get a sleep in, to prepare themselves for the coming week.

Why is this important?

I am sure so many children doing online school right now would agree a 3 day weekend would be good all year round but I think it is possible whilst doing online school.

On the 2nd of August, there was the highest number of calls made to the lifeline support in 58 years of 3 345 calls. Especially through these rough times, people deserve a break and maybe even adults would need a 3 day weekend during these times too.

New South Wales, Australia

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