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To: Prime Minister, Schools, Principals

Mental Health Long Weekends during online schooling

During Online schooling, children under the age of 18 doing online school should be having a 3 day weekend to take themselves away from screens and to rest their mental health.

Having this extra day can give the student a day to relax or have an extra day to get a sleep in, to prepare themselves for the coming week.

Why is this important?

I am sure so many children doing online school right now would agree a 3 day weekend would be good all year round but I think it is possible whilst doing online school.

On the 2nd of August, there was the highest number of calls made to the lifeline support in 58 years of 3 345 calls. Especially through these rough times, people deserve a break and maybe even adults would need a 3 day weekend during these times too.
New South Wales, Australia

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