To: NSW Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean

Winmalee needs microgrids!

Given the number of power outages we have in Winmalee and the fact that we have so many bushfires which can cause an outage, it would be forward thinking and advisable to set up microgrids which would stop the reliance on centralised power generation. When an outage does occur those who are connected to a microgrid don't lose power and depending on the size of the battery involved power can outlast the outage by several days. It is a way of securing peoples livelihoods and also many people who are on medical devices that need power can still have power rather than have to travel to hospital on what can be difficult roads, traffic wise, particularly during a bushfire

Why is this important?

It would make people's lives so much easier and not just pleasant but provide this essential service regardless of whether a tree has taken out power lines somewhere else locally or if there is a bushfire and power is lost. While it would cost money it is really a small price to pay for the additional security it would provide.

Why Matt Kean? Because he is the person who can make it happen. As the Minister for the Environment in NSW he has the power to make this happen. The council cannot do it!

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

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