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To: The skate community everywhere

Midnight Star Roller Rink Homebush

Midnight Star Roller Rink Homebush

We are asking that Strathfield Council save the old Midnight Star theatre in Homebush, which was once an ice skating rink in the 1960s, and refurbish the building into a roller skate rink for the huge community we have all over Sydney and surrounds.

Why is this important?

The skate community is deprived of a quality skate rink that is easily accessible for ALL people. Midnight Star is located 5 minutes walk from Homebush train station, this allows for everyone to safely get to and from the rink without relying on cars.

Community is important, and with the skate community growing daily, especially since lockdown, we need a safe place to skate that is dedicated to roller skating and uplifting the whole community, skaters or not skaters.



2022-07-03 18:46:24 +1000

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