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To: Dr Andrew Constance NSW Transport Minister

More green bicycle light phases for Wilson St Cycleway

In Newtown NSW the Wilson St Cycleway is one of the busiest cycle commuter routes into and out of the CBD. The traffic lights at the west end of the Wilson St contraflow cycleway where it meets Erskineville Rd have a cycle lantern controlling when people riding bikes can cross Erskineville Rd. These lights are programmed so that a green bicycle light can only be triggered on every second full traffic signal lantern cycle. Most riders don't know this and just assume the traffic signal don't work properly and are rightly frustrated having to wait twice as long as cars.
The traffic lights at the corner of Wilson St and Erskineville Rd need to be reprogrammed to provide a green light for people riding west on Wilson St in every traffic light cycle.

Why is this important?

This prioritisation of the mostly vehicular traffic turning into Erskineville Rd over people riding bicycles contravenes the NSW Gov Policy to prioritise active transport over private motor vehicle transport.
People believe the bicycle light doesn't work after they experience the traffic signals going through a couple of cycles without displaying a green bicycle light. They get frustrated and may ride across at a time that seems safe, potentially endangering themselves.

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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