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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Mount Alexander wants Clean Recovery now!

2020 has been a rough year for Australians, disastrous bushfires across several states in 2019/2020 and now an unprecedented global pandemic that has left one in four Australians without reliable work.

Evidence based government policies to recover from these catastrophes are required, using science to deliver a visionary pathway to immediately reducing greenhouse emissions and achieving climate justice for all.
We must base our recovery on renewable energy sources that do NOT increase Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The economic trend for the future is clear: Investment in renewable energy is increasing and profitable and the fossil fuel industry is contracting and unprofitable.
Supporting a failing and loss-making fossil gas industry with public funds by subsidising costly and polluting fracking is both irrational and unethical.
If we work together to get the recovery right, Australia can become a world-leading clean energy superpower, providing abundant employment opportunities, and profitably exporting clean energy from our abundant and free wind and sun. We can power our businesses and homes with inexpensive renewable energy, make our houses more affordable and energy efficient, and restore the unique and vital Australian natural environment.

We ask the Morrison Government to:
• Commit to making Australia a clean energy superpower
• Re-power businesses and households with renewable energy
• Upgrade public buildings and homes to be more energy efficient
• Create jobs in management and rehabilitation of country
• Charge Australia’s zero carbon electric transport future.

Why is this important?

Implementing a Clean Recovery Plan will reduce energy cost and create twice as many secure jobs than polluting and expensive fossil gas and nurture a safe climate for our children and grandchildren.
Delivering a Clean Recovery will need widespread support from key federal and state politicians and concerned local communities such as ours across the country.

Mount Alexander Shire Council, last year declared a Climate Emergency and has committed to a roadmap to carbon neutrality for council operations by 2025, an example to federal and state governments of results achievable with strong community support and commitment to scientific evidence based climate policy.

To show your support for a responsible government climate policy please sign our petition. Will you join the call for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs?


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