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To: Government

Mum's and Bubs Against Sexual Child Abuse #annasvoice

To fund Poche Centre for Indigenous Health to undertake the Deadly Guardians pilot.

Why is this important?

In October 2020 Annaliesse Ugle, an 11 year old child, took her own life when she found out her sexual abuser of 6 years, had been released on bail.

Anna's Mum Sam did not want Anna to be forgotten, to become another statistic. So we have formed #annasvoice. Anna will be the driving force for change.

It is a fact across the whole Australian community that children continue to be sexually molested and commit suicide or suffer in silence.

At present they have no effective tools in which they can use, allowing them to determine what is inappropriate, if a person is a sexual predatorial or what grooming is.

Deadly Guardians provides them with the tools, the means to reach out without fear and will detect if a child is at risk of self harm. It will also empower school age children to be protectors of their younger siblings.

We need government to step up and fund Poche Centre for Indigenous Health so they can undertake the pilot and prove the program will:-

Allow a child the means in which to reach out without fear of retribution or shame

Give the child the tools in which to identify a sexual predator without demonising men or women.

Provide the child with the understanding of what grooming looks like.

Provide a framework that will allow strong Elders and leaders the ability to create change through the children in this challenging community issue.

That it is easily adaptable to suit mainstream primary schools.

That it will enable Kids Helpline the ability to determine if a child is at risk of self harm every morning.

By providing a child with an online mentor, a famous athlete or singer who, as an avatar, they will be able to continually support the child emotionally, in academic achievement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Provide a means by which a child can address emotional challenges as a child rather than as a traumatised teenager.

Poche Centre for Indigenous Health is keen to work with me to complete the program development and then undertake the pilot.

It has been 10 years since this program was originally developed.

Until we all stand up and demand that something be done to protect our children then many will continue to either take their own lives or suffer in silence.

Please sign the petition and also go to

This is Deadly Guardians current landing page.


2020-11-28 09:25:29 +1100

Thursday I wrote to both SNAICC and also NACCHO again and asked for them to consider making the following declaration in relation to what we are trying to achieve.
"The association sees strong merit in having a pilot undertaken based on Deadly Guardians program, given the need to address youth suicide and sexual child abuse."
WE need these organisations to join with others such as APPA and ACSO to show government a united Indigenous and non-Indigenous front towards youth suicide.

2020-11-25 14:03:02 +1100

This is what Deadly Guardians will stop.
It will give the children the power and the knowledge to never allow this to happen.
This is what we are all here for, this is what we are fighting to stop.

2020-11-25 14:00:58 +1100

Had a great yarn to Tanya Hosche at AFL headquarters this morning.
Tanya supports all of you and what we are trying to achieve in #annasvoice.
Tanya's recommending rather than approaching AFL headquarters we reach out to the players and the individual clubs.
Many of you will have family in the men's and women teams.
I am speaking about Indigenous and non-Indigenous. As everyone knows this is an issue for all of us.
So reach out and have the players get in contact with me and they will become our Deadly Guardians and help drive #annasvoice.
You will see on the Deadly Guardians website there are already many AFL players including Luke Shuey Captain of the Eagles and Lea Kaslar co-Captain pf the Gold Cost Suns.

2020-11-25 14:00:02 +1100

I have some great news.
The Australian Council of State School Organisations which is the P&C in every state school has issued the following statement
"We see great merit in supporting a pilot for Deadly Guardians to be undertaken given the level of concern among parents in regard to allegations of sexual child abuse."
Sharron Healy, ACSSO President.

2020-11-24 19:18:16 +1100

100 signatures reached

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