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To: Prime Minister of Australia

No jab no play ... no jab no pay

Dear Prime Minister Mr. Turnbull: Please withdraw your new law about vaccination coming into existence Jan. 2016 ... no jab no play ... no jab no pay. We as parents have a right to choose what's best for our children ... and if we choose not to vaccinate our children based on well-informed decision we should NOT be punished by the government cutting out any financial help for our families.

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition if you believe parents have a right to choose what's best for their children and don't have to pay penalties for a well-informed decision. After all by trying to take away family and childcare payments from low income families who conscientiously choose to selectively vaccinate or not vaccinate, the Australian government is putting parents in the impossible position of having to choose between feeding and housing their families and vaccinating their children against their will, THIS IS NOT LEGAL CONSENT, IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND IT IS BLACKMAIL!

How it will be delivered

email the signatures



2020-05-12 13:17:24 +1000

We need to be heard. Here another petition against mandatory vaccination. Please sign if you have not already:
Thank you for your support!

2020-05-02 20:27:22 +1000

Another option could be signing this to help with the investigation and prosecution for Government corruption by the Grand Jury. If the political party governments have harmed you or your family in any way that is not allowed under Common Law and our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, this is where you can upload your Affidavit to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury will sit under Common Law, outside the jurisdiction of the political party Star Chamber Courts that have consistently denied us justice and redress of our grievances.

Act now!
Download and print the letter in this link ➡️
Sign including your name and address, and post to
Mr Peter Haughton
@ Advance Australia
108 O'Sullivan Beach Road Lonsdale
South Australia 5160

2020-05-02 20:17:38 +1000

Free Download Documents
(MS Word Format)

The best way to claim and protect your rights is IN WRITING. The free download documents here have value and utility for anyone who wishes to secure their lives and protect themselves and their families from a rigged and hostile civic and corporate infrastructure.

These documents provide answers, claims and notice to many of the bad actors and wrongdoers in government and corporations who think it is their privilege to violate your rights, seize your wealth and property, invade your privacy and assault your health and safety.

2020-05-02 20:12:36 +1000

Your right to oppose to mandatory vaccination (please watch): If you don't want to listen to the entire video clip, you can download the recommended documents (2) on Get your doctor to sign the 'Conditional Acceptance of Vaccination' form ... an agreement between vaccine providers and vaccinated party. No doctor will be taking full liability for any adverse vaccine reactions. Therefore, you have the right to oppose to mandatory vaccination. Kindly refuse their services (not the vaccination itself) if your doctor cannot guarantee any adverse reaction to the intended vaccine. This, too, applies for a mandatory vaccination against the Coronavirus which may be coming to Australia soon. It has already been imposed to the citizens in Denmark.

2016-01-04 16:41:39 +1100

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2015-12-10 16:04:38 +1100

Hi all: Since my original petition was addressed to Tony Abbott I had to update this petition since the name of our prime minister has changed recently. This campaign has not been delivered to the prime minister yet but I am lookingn for people in Canberra willing to hand deliver our signatures which are at this time nearly 400. Anyone? Thanks, much appreciated Britta

2015-04-18 13:11:35 +1000

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