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To: Victorian state Government

No Toxic Waste for Sunbury and Bulla

We are asking the the Victorian state government to over rule the tender that was approved by the EPA to allow untested levels of toxic waste from the Westgate tunnel project to be dumped in our wonderful Sunbury community ,

Why is this important?

We are greatly concerned for the health of our community and the environment.
The HiQuality facility sits within 400 mtrs of a fast growing community. This facility sits as close as 29 mtrs from Emu Creek, home of the growling grass frog and native fish species. We have been advised to expect 865 trucks per day carrying untested levels PFAS toxic waste that will only be tested once on site. These trucks will be driving through communities that are incapable of coping with such a large influx of heavy traffic, travelling across heritage listed Bulla bridge. We believe the EPA report did not consider the impact to the community receiving this highly toxic soil. Hi Quality has a history of EPA breaches resulting in fines, we want to protect our green community and waterways, ensure the health and safety of our community.

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