To: The Tweed Shire Council and the Roads and Maritime Service

Tweed Council: Build a Pedestrian Crossing on Dry Dock Road

Build a pedestrian crossing with a pedestrian light that has sound at Dry Dock Road.

Why is this important?

Many elderly people live along Dry Dock Road. Because of traffic movement, it's too dangerous for them to cross from the built-up side to the picnic facilities, public walking track and river view.

The road needs a pedestrian light with sound to make the crossing safe for our elderly.

We, the Blind and Vision Impaired Support Group request that a safe pedestrian crossing light be installed.

The cost should be between $5000 and $10 000, a relatively insignificant amount for the degree of pleasure and independence it will offer these worthy people.

Dry Dock Rd, Tweed Heads South NSW 2486, Australia

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