To: Yarra Ranges Council

Give us a Pedestrian Footpath between Olinda and Sassafras

Fulfill the several year old promise to provide a sealed footpath between the townships of Olinda and Sassafras to provide pedestrian safety to residents and tourists.

Yarra Ranges Council installed a sealed footpath between Kalorama and Olinda some five years ago, but did not proceed with the promised continuation of the footpath onto Sassafras, but instead extended the paving west along Ridge Road and east to Cloudehill.

Olinda and Sassafras must have a safe pedestrian footpath for use by residents and tourists alike.

Why is this important?

Pedestrian traffic by residents and tourists between Olinda and Sassafras is currently challenging and unsafe, and will deteriorate further during the winter months. The growing tourism in the Dandenong Ranges would benefit from proper and safe access between these two popular destinations.

Dandenong Ranges, Mount Dandenong VIC 3767, Australia

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