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To: Mayor Waller and Liverpool Council

Permanent Fairy Glen at Harris Creek in Holsworthy

We have achieved our goal of getting official council approval for a fairy garden in our neighborhood.

Permanent Fairy Glen at Harris Creek in Holsworthy

Dear Mayor Waller and Liverpool Council,

Our local Holsworthy, Wattle Grove, Hammondville and Voyager Point communities would like to request a new permanent council initiative at Harris Creek Reserve in Holsworthy.

We are seeking your approval for an official council ‘Fairy Glen’, along the bush path of Harris Creek. It would feature little fairy doors, created by local families.

The idea began when a local mother, Alicea Marie Busuttil, designed a few wooden fairy doors with her partner.

“All credit goes to my partner. It is common to have little fairy doors around some streets in his home town back in Ireland. He is very pleased they are liked”.

It has not only been well liked, but completely embraced. Local children have created their own fairy doors and decorated rocks to place along the trail. Families are working on it together and it is lifting our community spirit. Our state MP, Melanie Gibbons, has promoted it.

We would like to make this a permanent fixture and would like the councils support, such as by installing a simple sign at the start and end of the track, for example:

‘Fairy Glen - Welcome to our Harris Creek fairy walk. Create homes for our fairies using only natural materials. Our fairy friends enjoy sharing the forest with their animal friends.’

Brett East from ‘Bear Designs’ in Moorebank, has even volunteered to make a sign, if the council wishes.

A QR code could be featured on the sign, with a link to materials that fairies like (biodegradable e.g. wood, sticks, twine, paddlepop sticks) and those they don’t like (non-biodegradable e.g. plastic, glitter etc).

Should the Fairy Glen be approved, a small committee of local community members would be more than happy to work with council’s parks & recreational staff, along with the council’s Environment Advisory Committee, in finding the best way of securing the doors to prevent theft, protect trees and prevent pollution in the creek.

We believe this project would encourage children to appreciate, respect and learn about more about environmental conservation, in the selection of natural materials.

Thank you for your consideration of our initiative to bring happiness.

Kind regards,
The families of Holsworthy, Wattle Grove, Hammondville and Voyager Point

Why is this important?

To bring happiness and promote a community spirit, by engaging local families in creating a local attraction for young families.

How it will be delivered

Via email to Liverpool Council at [email protected]

Harris Creek,, Holsworthy NSW 2173, Australia

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