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To: Blacktown City Council

Upgrade Popondetta Netball Court

A full upgrade and resurfacing of the local netball courts, amenities and surrounding car park.

Why is this important?

The upgrade is important for our local netball courts as they have significant warps in the surface. This increases the likelihood of falls or injuries. The netball posts are rusted and flaking, while the hoops are bent or sway. This upgrade is important because our kids deserve better, safer courts.
Our community deserve high standard sporting fields so they can be fit and healthy while also being safe. They need more shade from our countries harmful sun and more seating for our spectators to enjoy, quite a few grandparents come to cheer on their grandchildren.
These courts welcome hundreds of people each Saturday between April and September. Our girls deserve the same upgrades male sports receive.

Not to mention the carpark is too small to accommodate these people so local streets become congested with parked cars or cars become bogged in the grassed areas during wet weather.

Our local netball community deserve better.

Jersey Rd, Emerton NSW 2770, Australia

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