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To: Prime Minister Abbott and Cabinet

Prime Minister to urge U.N. & member countries to hold urgent summit on Refugees/Asylum Seekers

Dear Prime Minister,
Please don't perpetuate the cruel misconception that Boat People/Refugees/Asylum Seekers are a political problem, requiring harsh political action by individual governments around the world, to deter people from seeking refuge, in Australia or elsewhere.

It is essential that the people of this and every other country recognise that this is not an issue that individual countries/governments can control or resolve.

Throughout history there have always been refugees seeking safety away from famine, poverty, civil war, invasion, political and religious persecution, genocide, natural disasters etc. Just as there have always been refugees, there will always be people requiring safe harbour for any of the abovementioned reasons.

Internationally, the people of the world must unit to implement measures to overcome these problems, and to provide organised, short/medium/long term humane and welcoming, strategically located and fully resourced accommodation centres, with processes affording equitable and timely access for all who require them.

Only the United Nations, in close collaboration with member countries, with direct involvement of Non-Government Organisations who have traditionally provided care on a piece-meal and temporary basis can plan and negotiate for a humane, caring, dignified and constructive outcome under the umbrella of an internationally recognised and properly resourced body.

I therefor ask that you URGENTLY call on the United Nations and all member countries, together with representatives of all N.G.O's who traditionally service and support refugees, to, as a matter of priority, convene an International Summit to elicit the co-operation, resourcing and integrated planning for the establishment of permanent fully equipped accommodation centres with educational and employment/skill development activities and opportunities, strategically placed around the world to provide safe sanctuary for refugees/asylum seekers in transition either to another country, or until safety and well-being can be reasonably expected in their country of origin, allowing them to return home. These centres must also offer timely, equitable processing without prejudice, and offer genuine refugees/asylum seekers the opportunity to resettle with as little emotional and physical trauma as is humanly possible.

Those of us in stable countries who enjoy and prosper in comparatively high living standards have an irrefutable obligation to provide safety and hope to those who need it, regardless of their country of origin.

With regard to so-called Economic Refugees, this petition urges you Prime Minister Abbott to ensure that the above-mentioned summit proposes that when people are identified as "Economic Refugees" the U.N. in collaboration with all members of the summit, identify target areas, and develop programs to enable refugees to, along with international personnel, return to their country of origin and play a constructive role in overcoming poverty and hardship. Programs like the Small Loans To Women, establishment of Fair Trade programs, eradication of child labour, and exposing 1st world countries who exploit workers in developing and 3rd world countries could be implemented in an inter-grated manner.

Additionally, the U.N. could also invite well known philanthropic organisations or individuals, to assist economic refugees to develop business models, and/or co-operatives, and identify and implement the training of local people to put them into effect.

Why is this important?

*Current processes trap people in untenable circumstances, without hope, access to health, education, appropriate housing or physical and emotional safety.

*Tragic loss of life occurs at sea or by self harm, or violence and incarceration without cause, because - WE - do nothing to provide intelligent, humane alternatives.

*People in 1st world countries are wrongly encouraged to see refugees/asylum seekers as undesirable, dangerous, and a threat to our well-being, life-style and living standards, and to loose their ability to empathise, or to recognise that - there but for the grace of God, Buda, Allah, or even Hughie, go I -.

*Asylum seekers all over the world, in every major country, are currently vilified, forced into illegal activity to survive, separated from families for very long periods of time, and incarcerated in appalling environments with no hope for the future.

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Hi to all and thank you for signing. This is a critical issue to the kind of world we want to live in, and the timing is critical too, because once these "tent cities" prison camps are fully established and accepted as appropriate, it will be extra-ordinarily difficult to change the world's perception of refugees/boat people/asylum seekers, and hatred and cruelty will be sanctioned and legitimised. I too am/have long been cynical about the U.N.'s lack of action on many occasions, however we all now must decide whether to allow them to continue their inertia, of to put enough pressure on member countries to ensure that the U.N,s valuable resources are put to work for those who urgently need them. I would greatly appreciate it if you could encourage others to sign as a matter of urgency. Thank you again, warmest regards to all, Susan Abbey.

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