To: Department Of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Protect Bass Point from over-fishing

Extension of the non-fishing zone to cover all of the waters surrounding Bass Point.
It currently only applies to Bushrangers Bay.

Why is this important?

Bass Point is already a Marine Reserve, but the sustainable future of the marine ecosystem that surrounds Bass Point is under dire threat.
Recreational fishing has severely damaged the local fish population, and several species have disappeared from the waters surrounding Bass Point.
Only one small section of Bass Point has a restriction on the practice of recreational fishing - Bushrangers Bay. The fish and grey nurse shark populations thrive in that tiny bay area. Food is abundant, and threats are only from their natural predators.
In the other larger sea areas surrounding Bass Point grey nurse sharks and giant cuttle-fish have disappeared. Fish stocks have noticeably depleted. These waters are crucial feeding and breeding grounds for these rare species, and they are being destroyed.
A full marine sanctuary around Bass Point with a cessation of fishing is the only way to preserve this valuable national park resource.

Wollongong NSW, Australia

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