To: Morton Bay Regional Council - Belgravia Leisure

Redevelopment of the Bribie Island Aquatic Leisure Centre

The health benefits of water-based activity are well established. Public pools are an integral part of health promotion that is available to people throughout the life span. The Bribie Island Aquatic and Leisure Centre is run-down and some aspects of the facility are no longer fit for purpose. An audit of the facility and community consultation is required to establish exactly what development and investment is needed to ensure that the facility adequately meets the needs of the citizens of Bribie Island and surrounding communities.

Why is this important?

According to the WHO guidelines, 40% of Australians are classified as inactive. The costs to the health care system of inactivity related disease and illness is enormous. The burden of disease for Bribie Island and surrounding communities is already relatively high compared to neighbouring jurisdictions due an older population and people from low socio-economic backgrounds. Public pools can help reduce morbidity and mortality. Learn to swim, aquatherapy, aquarobics, lap or squad swimming, school carnivals and specifically tailored activities not only improves individual well-being, their provision can also contribute positively to the broader community socially and economically.

How it will be delivered

Direct contact with representatives from the two key stakeholders.

Bribie Island, Queensland 4507, Australia

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