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To: The Hon. Matthew John KEAN,

Reject Kurri Kurri Gas Plant

We call on the Hon Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Energy and the Environment to publicly reject the $600M gas fired power station that has been recklessly proposed for Kurri Kurri in the NSW Hunter Valley. Matt Kean must stand by his calls for NSW to be a renewable energy superpower. We want this dirty gas plant rejected for its negative impacts on the climate. $600M all for the sake of only 10 jobs is an obscene waste of public money.

Why is this important?

We reject this use of $600 million of public money to build the new Kurri Kurri gas plant in the NSW Hunter Valley. This announcement came just a day after a report by the International Energy Agency urged the world to abandon plans for new coal power, gas and oil investments, and predicted big drops in gas demand. [1]

Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed the proposed Kurri Kurri gas plant would fill the energy gap left by the closure of the Liddell power station in 2023. This is disputed by the Australian Energy Market Operator, which said in September that only 150MW would be needed following Liddell’s closure - a gap that could be easily filled by renewable energy and battery storage, with a number of new projects already announced. [2]

The project has been opposed by the energy industry and some unions, with the AMWU saying "A gas-led recovery has been fully debunked as any kind of responsible solution. It denies working people a secure future. We need a manufacturing led recovery with workers in the Hunter Valley at the heart." [3]

The gas for this power plant could come from Santos’ proposed Narrabri coal seam gas project and be delivered via the proposed Hunter Gas Pipeline, which is slated to run across prime agricultural land from southern QLD to Newcastle in NSW via Narrabri, with a proposed offshoot to the Kurri Kurri site. Both the Narrabri Gas Project and the Hunter Gas Pipeline face overwhelming opposition from Traditional Owners and local farmers.

"Kurri Kurri needs sustainable jobs in industries of the future, not to be fobbed off with a handful of jobs in last century's technology." - Janet Murray, a local.

Gas Free Hunter Alliance

[1] Australia urged to drop coal and gas plans after global energy agency’s warning, The Guardian, 18 May 2021.
[2] PM's gas plan 'overkill' for market, Australian Financial Review, 16 September 2020.
[3] Tweet, AMWU, 18 May 2021.

How it will be delivered

We will personally deliver the petition to Matt Kean.

See below for the proposed site of the Gas Plant:

Kurri Kurri NSW 2327, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Because the project is an absurd waste of taxpayer money, especially with the looming debt we already have courtesy of the last 12 months. Seriously Libs, you're a bunch of morons.
  • Unnecessary waste of resources that could be more appropriately spent elsewhere.
  • Solar and wind is the way to go not environmental damage


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